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Ginebra artesanal XMAS Christmas - botella



Main ingredients: clove, cinnamon. Jamaican pepper, nutmeg, orange


50 cl / 40º


Perfect serving: 50mL XMAS & 200mL Fever Tree Indian Tonic & mandarin twist

  • About this handcrafted gin

    Jamaicans celebrate a holiday at Christmas, the Jonkonnu, which the Irish naturalist Sir Hans Sloane described in the 1700s: People dressed in masks with ox horns and boar tusks marched from house to house celebrating, some suggest, the exploits of John Canoe, a local hero who fought against the colonizing forces. So enjoy, like a Jamaican in the middle of Jonkonnu, this warm and sweet gin, with its Jamaican pepper and its Santa Claus costume.

    Only available in December

Currently available