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About 100&NOMORE
Handcrafted Gin

Discover how we started the 100&NOMORE adventure and how our partners helped us with the production and branding.

Ginebra artesanal casera


We started at home macerating different botanicals in commercial gin, reaching more than 10 references. 

After much praise from friends who tried our homemade gin and tonics following a good barbecue at home, we decided to go "professional", but keeping our unique touch by using unusual flavors in a gin.


We met Carles in April 2021 thanks to a mutual acquaintance. On the first visit we were able to sample many of his crazy creations at La Destilateca and instantly realized that we wanted to work together. We brought our homemade gins and the idea we had and started working to get our first three (but not last) 100&NOMORE gins: Sichuan, Brava and Oaxaca.

Gnebra artesanal destilación
Ginebra artesanal Lavernia&Cienfuegos


We partnered with the Lavernia & Cienfuegos studio to define our brand identity and they have done a wonderful job, which is reflected in the bottle and packaging used in our 100&NOMORE gins.

They soon understood our idea and exceeded expectations by creating the 100&NOMORE identity.

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