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Ginebra artesanal Oaxaca - botella



Main ingredients: cocoa, tonka beans, nutmeg, wood from Pedro Ximenez's barrels


50 cl / 40º


Perfect serving: 50mL Oaxaca & 200mL Fever Tree Indian Tonic & grapefruit twist

  • About this handcrafted gin

    The distinguishing feature of this gin is the presence of roasted cocoa beans, which are responsible for its unique, exquisite flavour, and the hint of wood that evokes the barrels in which it was transported. Cocoa is of American origin. The plant requires the temperatures and conditions found around the equator, and it is speculated that production of a primitive chocolate drink dates back further than 1,000 BC. But it was Spanish adventurers who brought it to Europe, and from the sixteenth century onwards, it began to be highly regarded in the courts of Europe, going on to become popular throughout the continent.

    The distinctive intense flavour of roasted cocoa beans is what gives our 100&NOMORE/Oaxaca its individuality. Enjoy it!

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