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Ginebra artesanal Manaos - botella



Main ingredients: passion fruit, florentine lilly, licorice


50 cl / 40º


Perfect serving: 50mL Brava & 200mL Fever Tree Indian Tonic & lime twist

  • About this handcrafted gin

    If there is an epitome of what adventure is, undoubtedly, it is the discovery of America. And if there is one place in America, a land of impossible terrain, where adventure is innate, it is the Amazon. This is where the main ingredient of this gin, known to the Spanish conquistadors as passion flower or passiflora, has its origins.

    With an intense and slightly acidic flavour at first, stimulating the taste buds, a veritable adventure begins. The passion fruit flavour remains the dominant note of this gin, ending with a sweet and fruity tang. Start your journey into the depths of the Amazon. Enjoy it!

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