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Main ingredients: bergamot, peach, basil


50 cl / 40º


Perfect serving: 50mL Calabria & 200mL Fever Tree Indian Tonic & bergamot twist

  • About this handcrafted gin

    If the Italian peninsula gave Sicily a kick, it would give it to Calabria, which is there, on the toe of the boot. It is precisely in that region where they have the optimal temperature to grow bergamot and they have been doing so, at least, since the 15th century. It is a fruit the size of an orange, but with the colour of lemon, the shape of a pear and a fresh and acidic smell. And it so important in this region that its capital, Reggio, is known as "Città del Bergamotto" and there you can visit the National Museum of Bergamot where tribute is paid to the “spiritaro”, the artisan who produced (and still produces) spirits from the fruit and essential oils for its use in perfumery.